Fish Species

Australian Bass


Australian Bass a.k.a. Bass, Perch

Australian Bass are aggressive and predatory fish well known for their spectacular fighting ability. This great sportfish is a predominantly estuarine/river species, however due to pressures on Bass habitat their numbers have dramatically declined, leaving recreational fisheries as the best place to catch Bass.

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Flounder are a delicious table fish and also great fun to catch as they strike at baits and lures with surprising savagery.


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John Dory


JOHN DORY a.k.a. St Peters fish

John Dory is well known as one of Australia's finest eating fish. Although these fish have limited fighting ability, their taste alone is worth the effort.

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LUDERICK a.ka. black Bream

Luderick are a popular sport fish and a great table fish. A devoted band of anglers keenly fish for Luderick and no other species, and with its' reputation as a fish that tries every trick in the book to escape, it's no wonder they're such a popular catch.

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Mangrove Jack


MANGROVE JACK a.k.a. Dog Bream, Red Bream

Mangrove Jack are extreme adversaries capable of lightning-fast strikes and strong and violent runs for cover, providing sport fishermen with the ultimate fishing challenge. Their large and razor-sharp canine teeth and spines and powerful and aggressive fighting style leave most fishermen in the dust, so top class tackle, strong line and hair trigger reactions are a must when hunting down this fish.

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MULLOWAY a.k.a. Jewfish, Kingfish, Butterfish

Mulloway present an excellent opportunity for keen anglers to pit their skills against this large and powerful adversary. Mulloway are a great sportfish that are not only a challenge to catch but also a prized table fish.

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